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Canadian Sport Centre Pacific is a leader in the delivery of programs, services and expertise in performance sport in Canada. The successes of athletes, coaches, staff and volunteers affiliated with CSC Pacific is directly related to the strong partnerships we have with regional, provincial and national organizations.

CSC Pacific continues to identify and strategically invest in targeted sports integral to British Columbia and Canada, resulting in improved podium performances.

The CSC Pacific performance model assists national and provincial sport organizations and their targeted athletes, coaches and training groups across the province, providing services to both summer and winter sports.

World-class facilities exist at each CSC Pacific campus in collaboration with community and government partners. Paid full and part-time coaches work in a dynamic environment with access to a complete range of essential ancillary services including monitoring/fitness testing, human performance labs and sport science and sport medicine. CSC Pacific has recognized the importance of investing in research and development and has deepened its commitment to sport technology and the development of new knowledge and innovation in training and technology through the development of SPIN, the Pacific Sport Institute Sport Innovation Centre.

By creating a culture of excellence and dedication to training and preparation, CSC Pacific is ensuring a world-class daily training environment exists so athletes, coaches and the integrated service team working with each sport can catalyze innovation and education and enhance performance.