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There is no doubt that nutrition plays a vital role in optimizing athletic performance and training quality. Nutrition interacts with all aspects of the athletes training therefore a well fueled athlete will be better positioned to achieve full genetic potential.

Quality nutrition will:
- help maximize exercise performance (i.e. improve mean power output), by providing the fluids, nutrients and fuels required during high intensity training
- decrease recovery time from strenuous physical activity

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- prevent injury during exercise as a result of fatigue and speed recovery if injured
- decrease risk of illness as a result of high intensity training and competition
- enhance concentration, skill and precision
- facilitate healthy body composition
- help maintain overall good physical health

Nutrition is a critical component of an athletes overall sport science program and therefore overall success. In fact poor nutrition has the potential to turn an elite athlete into an average one. How well are you fueling?

The CSC Pacific Dietitians work with coaches, athletes and other performance services staff to assess individual/team training and performance nutritional requirements and to provide the necessary nutritional support to enhance athletic performance. They sift through the overwhelming amount of sports nutrition information to provide up to date, accurate information to athletes and coaches on the diligent use of supplements and their risk/benefits as well as what works for training, competition and recovery. Approaches to optimizing sport nutrition include detailed individual needs assessment, individual nutrition plans, menu planning, recipe provision, supermarket tours and meal preparation techniques where necessary.

For additional information specific to the Performance Services area of nutrition please contact Susan Boegman.